Dhansiri Cadet School is the first co-educational CADET school in Bangladesh founded in 2012 and built to accommodate students from Nursery to grade 10. The school provides a high-quality  education to the students. We are focused on the quality of teaching and learning and we expect the highest standards in everything we do.

We strive for excellence rather than for success because we strongly believe that only the excels deserve success.

Aim of DCS

To educate and train young Cadets as to making them future leaders, promising professionals and military/civil officers endowed with knowledge, high standard of morality, sense of responsibility and spirit of patriotism.


1. To provide Cadets with liberal quality education up to secondary level through a well planned academic programme enabling them to pursue higher education in different disciplines.

2. To impart complementary knowledge, training and skill necessary for the all round development of Cadets through a package of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

3. To arrange necessary physical training, games and sports, cultural program and maintain a diet program ensuring a balanced physical and mental health.

4. To infuse in Cadets a high sense of morality, responsibility, integrity, leadership quality, discipline and patriotism through motivation, counseling, practices and programmed activities.

5. To provide them with training, exercise and instructions to develop a high standard of communicative skill (oral & written)  enhancing confidence and individual ability.

6. To educate them on manners, etiquettes and social conducts in conformity with their age level and socio-cultural standard.

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