Why is DCS Special?


The following specialties differentiate DCS from the other general educational institutions :

1.   Imparting all round education to the young learners up to secondary level.

2.   Emphasizing co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

3.   Maintaining high standard of discipline ensuring equality and tranquility.

4.    All the events of the year are well planned covering whole syllabus into block syllabus, detail syllabus, check sheet and weekly class schedule.

5.  Uniformity and equity for every cadet in enjoying all sorts of facilities available in DCS.

6. Free from all sorts of man-made crisis (Strike and Siege etc).

7.  Ensuring interactive learning environment with utmost utilization of multi- media, Wi-fi, lesson plan, chart and other teaching aids.

What & Why?

The School encourages and lays emphasis on the training of the mind - the power to think and judge for oneself, for we are very much aware that there is no necessary correlation between knowledge and wisdom, and without wisdom one cannot be emancipated, i.e. freed from the bondage of the here and the now. The school thus encourages children to ask questions, voice their doubts, verify what they are told and taught. They are not urged to accept whatever they are told and read at face value.

We are also aware that the chief aim of education at the school level in this country is to train the child to pass examinations and train him/her for a profession. This imparting of knowledge and training is done with care and attention: bright and airy classrooms, suitably qualified teachers, properly equipped laboratories, and a well-stocked library are some of the facilities that help the teachers in this task.

Philosophy of the School
¤ where pupils come first, and everything else later

¤ which thinks that education is concerned with pupils as persons, not with how they can be trained for a career

¤ which firmly believes that a school should be 'training minds, not stuffing them'

¤ which encourages pupils to think for themselves, and tries to kindle their curiosity, so that they may venture out on their own beyond the beaten track of the syllabi

¤ which does not believe in making promises that it cannot keep, nor impress with inessentials at the cost of the essential

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